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Online Mocks

Online Mocks: Welcome

About Online Mocks

Participants play for 4 of the world’s top orchestral musicians and receive written feedback from every panelist, on every solo or excerpt performed. The format mimics a round of a professional orchestra audition.

Online Mocks: About Me

Why Online Mocks?

  • Guaranteed written feedback from every panelist

  • Find out if you would have advanced if auditioning for a particular judge’s orchestra

  • Less expensive and time consuming than traveling to most professional auditions

  • The online format allows you to play for top judges from all over the world by taking location out of the equation

  • An actual deadline provides motivation in pandemic times

  • Test your nerves under pressure

  • Gain audition experience and refine your audition skills

Online Mocks: About


What are online mocks?

Online mocks are mock auditions that mimic professional orchestra auditions, and are adjudicated by members of top U.S. orchestras. The mocks are held over Zoom.

When are online mocks held?

The next online mock is scheduled for the week of June 7, 2021. Online mocks are held every approximately every 3 months. To stay up to date on Online Mock news, including upcoming dates, subscribe to emails here.

How do I sign up for an online mock?

To sign up for an online mock, use this form or email Shortly after you submit your form, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to complete your registration.

Who are the judges?

Each mock has 4 judges, one from each of the major instrument categories: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion/harp/keyboard.

Judges are members of top U.S. orchestras, and each panel includes principal players or section leaders. Past judges have included musicians from the Chicago Symphony, the LA Phil, The Met, the National Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony and more.

What is the cost?

The online mock fee is used to pay the judges, proctor and administrators.

$245 Regular

$195 Student

Financial aid is available

Full and partial financial aid is available based upon need. During every online audition cycle, one or more full scholarships are awarded, and a number of partial scholarships are awarded. Students are prioritized for financial aid, but anyone can apply for aid.

If you would like to apply for financial aid, please use this form. The application takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Pre-Recorded Audition Option

All participants have the option to submit a recording in lieu of a live audition. 

For participants who want the live audition experience but cannot make the audition date, a live audition can be arranged with a member of the staff. This audition is then taped and played for the judges on audition day.

There are many reasons that participants choose to submit a recorded audition, including:

  • In order to get the best possible sound quality, without risk of Zoom delays (recorded auditions are downloaded and played directly on the judge's computer, eliminating internet issues)

  • Participant cannot attend the audition date and time

  • Participant’s internet connection is unstable or unreliable

  • Participant cannot access a suitably quiet audition location

  • Zoom is particularly ill-suited for the participant's instrument

  • The participant is submitting a tape for an upcoming audition and would like the judges to provide feedback on that tape

What is the repertoire for the audition?

Participants choose their repertoire list, and submit it 3 weeks prior to audition day. The list can be as short as 4-5 solos or excerpts, or as long as a full orchestra or opera audition list (several solos and 20+ excerpts).

How long will my audition be?

A typical audition lasts about 7 minutes, the length of a preliminary or semi-final round. Participants may opt to play a longer audition for an additional fee.

Can I participate anonymously?

Yes, all participants have the option of participating anonymously. Once you sign up, our staff will send you instructions that will allow you to hide your name and image during the audition.

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