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Boundless Musician

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Jacque Marshall

Jacque’s superpower is organization. She uses her skill to help others define, track and achieve their goals while developing healthy and sustainable life and work habits. Jacque is passionate about teaching tools that build a long term sense of agency, freedom and efficacy. Jacque is compassionate and thoughtful, and her approach to accountability and strategy is based on a deep belief that attending to the whole person and incorporating balance is essential to unlocking any artist’s full potential.

Jacque loves a good worksheet, her two pups, practices centering before each practice session and has a voracious appetite for reading and learning. Based in Los Angeles, Jacque can frequently be seen on stage with the LA Phil, and has played for many film and TV soundtracks. Jacque is a regular guest lecturer at UCLA, where she teaches process-based and organizational strategies for skills like first rehearsal preparation, practicing, audition preparation and more. UCLA courses Jacque has contributed to this academic year include Practicing: The Solitary Art and Orchestra Practicum.

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Meredith Clark

Meredith’s deep passion for positively impacting the lives of others fuels her energetic work as a coach, musician, and world citizen. Meredith utilizes her experience as one of the world’s top harpists to help others navigate and make the most of their journey in the music field. Meredith guides musicians in reconnecting with their love for music, assists in identifying and addressing anxieties and fears, provides support for recovery from burnout, and teaches mental strategies that help others make permanent and meaningful changes while building long-term trust in themselves.

Those around Meredith know her as deeply compassionate and a consummate cheerleader and supporter. She is also quick to recognize and call out BS with some positive tough love when needed. Meredith’s own deep commitment to her inner work is a frequent source of inspiration to her colleagues and friends. When she’s not out changing the world with music or mindfulness, Meredith can be found walking all parts of San Francisco or at home, managing the many zoomies of beloved cat Fig.

When not on stage performing with groups such as the San Francisco Symphony and New Century Chamber Orchestra, Meredith regularly creates meditation, breathing and mindfulness recordings. These can be found on Insight Timer and Instagram. 

Please visit Meredith's website for more performance and harp-specific content.

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About Us: About Me
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